Our innovative booth in a box concept consists of a clever system of Pop Up cardboard walls and structures which can be assembled in minutes. Once up, the possibilities range from LED lighting to fully printed surfaces or simple, streamlined graphics that will convey your message in a stunning manner. From 2D surfaces to 3D structures and custom made furniture, your booth is guaranteed to make an impact at your next event.

– Booth conceptualization and graphic design
– Eye catching cardboard architecture
– Pop Up walls, backdrops, step&repeat
– LED displays and signage
– Branded furniture
– Exhibition space partitions
– Set up and teardown services.
– Photobooths

Cool features grab people’s attention.

Think of it this way. When you walk through a sales tradeshow with 100 different booths, every one of them promises to help you sell more and save money, don’t they? But what do you go home that night and tell your spouse about? It’s the booth with the coolest features.

Cool features grab attention, that’s what you are doing at a tradeshow.

Ken Krogue.